Seminary didn't prepare you for this. So what now?

The outbreak of COVID-19 has changed the world as we know it. In the blink of an eye, churches are being asked to throw out just about everything they do and radically shift to new models while our communities are more anxious than ever. And the worst part? Seminary never prepared you for this. In this 4-week cohort, you’ll learn the basics of Human-Centered Design and face the difficult question: how might we create connection in the midst of a global pandemic? Each week you’ll have online content to help you learn and a live cohort meeting to work through the material together. In four weeks, you’ll move from problem to testing solutions, all with expert teaching and peer collaboration. Time to fill in the gaps of that seminary education.

  • $329 to enroll and only 4-week commitment

  • Design new ideas in real time with online course work and a weekly, 90 minute cohort call.

  • Get extra support with one individual coaching session (30 minutes) anytime during the course.

  • Live calls are more than just a video chat! Each call with simulate an in-person gathering with interactive platforms and active engagement of learning materials.

  • Cohorts will be kept small, between 3-7 churches, to ensure the calls relevant and specific.

Method for Innovation

New ideas should come from more than a lucky guess. Human-Centered Design is a methodology used to produce innovative ideas by taking a closer look at real, human needs around us. This method is used all over the globe and has produced massive change in technology. By applying Human-Centered Design to our churches, we can leverage a proven model to solve our problems more creatively and with more relevance. 

Expert Coaching

Between online content, live calls, individual support, you’ll receive a tailored coaching experience from an expert designer with thousands of hours working through tough problems. Victoria has worked with churches and faith leaders all over the country to apply design methods to the problems churches are facing every day. In the midst of a crisis, expert support is more vital than ever, and you can feel confident that you’re getting practical, immediate tools with Victoria. Let an expert support you in this crisis.

Peer Support

Don’t go it alone! In the midst of a global pandemic, we need each other more than ever. In this course, you’ll find the support you need to navigate uncharted territory and test new ideas. Working in small groups can help you uncover new connections and ideas that you might not have seen alone. Your small cohort will be there to support you and cheer you on while also providing a sounding board for your ideas.

Curriculum Overview

Each week will feature online content and end with a live cohort call.

  • 1

    Welcome + Set-Up

    • Hello from me to you!

    • Getting set up

    • How to use this course

  • 2

    Pre-Work: Intro to Human-Centered Design

    • What is Human-Centered Design?

    • Mindsets for Innovation

    • Discussion: Introductions

  • 3

    Week 1: Understand Your People

    • How do you know what people need?

    • Create Your Field Guide

    • Discussion: Who's who?

  • 4

    Week 2: Imagine What's Possible

    • What does it take to create innovative solutions?

    • Planning Your Prototype

    • Discussion: Show and Tell

  • 5

    Week 3: Prototype New Ideas

    • What's a prototype?

    • Evaluating Your Prototype

    • Discussion: Check-in

  • 6

    Week 4: Evaluate What's Working

    • Design & the Future of the Church

    • Discussion: Parting Thoughts

Join a cohort for $329!

Cohorts will close each week on Friday. New cohorts will open every week of April.

About Your Instructor

Victoria Sun Esparza

Founder and CEO of In the Water Designs

Victoria Sun Esparza is the founder and CEO for In the Water Designs, a consulting firm that specializes in design-thinking strategy for religious organizations and non-profits. Victoria’s non-traditional background in theological education and design-thinking gives her a unique perspective on the world and its problems. Her work aims to connect religious organizations and nonprofits to better tools for solving problems and meeting the needs of the people around them. Victoria holds degrees from Abilene Christian University and Southern Methodist University. When she’s not traveling, Victoria lives her life in Dallas, TX with her husband, Josh, and fox-like dog, Leila.